10 things to take into account when creating stickers

In a recent post we gave you a few examples of really interesting custom stickers to inspire yourself from when deciding to advertise this way. We go on advising you to do so because this method is effective and also less costly than other methods.

In order for your stickers to be successfull you’ll need to pay attention to a few elements that we’ll share with you below:

  • Take a look at the competition and see where they went wrong in terms of color combinations, display style, etc
  • Be careful what colors you use. Some people might not know this but colours have psychological impact on us so you can use that in your own interest.
  • You can use unusual shapes, other than the common square, rectangular, oval, etc.
  • Don’t forget about thermal stickers. These are especial stickers which change colors on a slight tilt.
  • In order to attract people use gloss laminate for the text
  • If necessary use bold letters
  • Dark base for the text makes it more visible
  • Place the text in your sticker at the top or in the center
  • If you have a long text use rectangular stickers
  • Use proper color combination for text and image

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