Article marketing

Article marketing is a great way to promote your products or services. Unlike in print, the online articles can’t be written in such a manner that it openly promotes your product or service but more like an informative article that shares some light on what you have to offer.
For example, if you are selling a teeth whitening toothpaste, you cannot write an article dedicated to the brand but you can write one that talks about the general benefits of teeth whitening toothpaste. Your site is linked with the resource box of the article and with the keywords.
Article marketing ensures quality backlinks; it’s a white hat technique and if people will find it interesting they will certainly click the link to visit your website so you will be provided with direct traffic to your site.
Here are a few things a great article should have:

  • Content should be informative
  • Content in an easy and conversational language
  • There is no keyword stuffing
  • No repetitive sentences
  • Keywords not more than 3 times
  • No grammatical, punctuation and spelling error
  • Indirect promotion
  • To be on topic

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