Logos with hidden images

How often do you look at a logo closely and in detail? Because we figured that you don’t do it too often we’ll show you 5 examples of well-known logos that have hidden images in them that we can almost bet you didn’t see.

1. FedEx – has an arrow in it, you just need to look closely between „E” and „x”

2. NBC – look closely and you will see a peacock

3. Baskin-Robbins – are known for their 31 flavors and they show it in the center of their logo if you look closely

4. Carrefour – has a big C, in white, between the two arrows

5. Amazon – Although it seems to be a clean and simple logo, if you look at it more attentively you will notice that the arrow goes from A to Z symbolizing that amazon.com has everything from A to Z. Also, the arrow creates a sort of a smile which represents the satisfaction shown on their customer’s faces.

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