SEO basics you need to know

Although SEO is a complex and ongoing process, there are a few practices that you need to take care of first and are essential for any website you decide to optimize. We advise you to hire a specialist to do this but if you want to give it a try on your own there are the first things you must do: Meta Tags – Title, description, keywords all have to be relevant for the page you are optimizing. Sitemap – creating and updating the sitemap is important. There is free software on the web (like that helps you generate a sitemap. HTML is crucial so make sure that all navigation is in HTML. Also make sure that the page elements are in HTML. Remember when optimizing a web page crawlers are basically only looking at your source code. Anything you’ve put together using an image or other multimedia component is likely to be invisible to search engines. Use flash only if mandatory. As we stated previously it is not of help in your SEO strategy. ALT text for images – because Google also has a database of images. Use the keywords in your text wisely! Sprinkle them in your texts but don’t overdo it. Use them in your h1 and h2 tags but at the same time make sure that your content is relevant for your user.

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