The history of SKODA logo

The first graphic representation of Skoda logo dates from 1900 when the company was a bike and motorcycle factory named Slavia. The Logo was based on the drawing of a wheel that had inside branches with linden leafs, a symbol tree for the Slavonic nations. Also, the logo had the names of the two founders, Laurin and Klement.

The second representation of Skoda logo was created around the founders initials, L&K, placed in a round shape with flower ornaments and a design specific for the Art Nouveau trend, popular at the beginning of the XX-th century.

Starting with the year 1926, the Mlada Boleslav factory began producing cars under the name Skoda. Although the name of the brad had completely changed, the design kept some hey elements that assured the continuity of the awareness. The new logo now had n oval shape and SKODA written in the center of interest of the logo.

For more than six decades, SKODA Auto, will be identified by the famous logo that represents a retouched arrow with wings. The famous “Winged Arrow” was first introduced in 1926. This logo is still used on some original Skoda components such as the glass of the windows or elements of the clock-engine.

In the nineteens, Skoda Officials decided to create a new design for the logo, this time using a wider variety of color for a younger look. The new logo featured black, green, gray and white. The new logo begung to be used in 1994, the colors black and green becoming quickly standard colors for Skoda. The logo has multiple meanings, such as Skoda’s care for the environment, the use of Eco materials, precision and vision with the help of the circle and progress, innovation and speed with the arrow.

The new SKODA logo, created in 2011, is meant to be fresh, more appealing and have a younger look. What do you think, did they manage to do this with the logo below?


  1. sid
    14 Apr 2011

    The new SKODA logo looks cheap.

  2. ranu
    14 Apr 2011

    your earlier logo was very nice and eye catching i have your skoda fabia with the same & i like the same so keep it that way only
    Bye Ranu.

  3. utts
    14 Apr 2011

    if this is the new logo u r back in stone age…1926 logo looks royal. do some changes in font and shape of logo and your new logo will rock!!!

  4. Kaitain
    14 Apr 2011

    “In the nineteens, Skoda Officials decided to create a new design …”

    I think this is supposed to be “in the nineties”.

  5. 666
    14 Apr 2011

    EGG :) :) :):):):):):):)

  6. 666
    14 Apr 2011

    EGG :) :) :):):):):):):) full!!

  7. 666
    14 Apr 2011

    APPLE :) :) :):):):):):) full!!

  8. bhakti
    14 Apr 2011

    i think the logo of a company symbolise the vision of it. The present logo is very hard to understand and very hard to keep in mind in addition its not easy to understand a vision behind it.

  9. Tennille Plata
    14 Apr 2011

    I like the new logo. I have the Octavia with the old logo. This new one is sharp and crisp, it holds the fibonacci spiral in the circle for progress and shows the power in the black for skoda.

    I approve.

  10. sumanth
    14 Apr 2011

    i like the new logo.its simply good

  11. SANDY
    14 Apr 2011

    make it color full fill

  12. akbar
    14 Apr 2011

    The 90′s logo looks classic style, I like the 90′s logo than the others, and the new logo feels to me like an omelette

  13. Mark
    14 Apr 2011

    And now Skoda has launched a new badge for 2013

  14. Petherwin
    14 Apr 2011

    I very much like the new logo. I can’t agree with Bhakti. What is there to ‘understand’? It is perfectly memorable and could not possibly be confused with any other vehicle manufacturer’s marque. Mind you, I do not ‘get’ the hole in the wing, but so what? Love the colours.

  15. welogodesigner
    14 Apr 2011

    not very eye-catching looks like alignment is imbalanced also. But colors are fair.

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