What to consider when creating landing pages

Landing pages are very important because they can determine whether the visitor will take action or leave them as soon as they get there. Thus, you need to make sure that your landing page will have the desired effect on your potential customer. Below you’ll find six tips you should take into account when creating a landing page.

Headline should be big and relevant – You need a headline that will catch the user’s interest and it also must be relevant for what he is looking to find on your page.

Visuals are a must – Images are worth a thousand words. On the internet no one likes to read long texts but if you use the right image for your products you might just win yourself a customer.

The importance of testimonials – is quite big. People trust recommendations. You yourself wouldn’t buy something you’ve never heard of before.

Free stuff! No need to explain here much. Small thing you give for free, as a bonus, can gain you a customer that will return to your website and purchase your products.

Limited offers are important. This way you create urgency and encourage purchase. If you link this one with the free stuff you might just hit the jackpot!

Multiple Payment Options – from traditional credit cards to PayPal; the more options the better chances you have to make a transaction.

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