10 Tips & Tricks for your new business

If you want to start a small business, then a smart good name is mandatory for your success as a brand. We come in your aid with a few simple suggestions that can make your choices easier and smarter.


1. Give it sense.

Think about the core values of your future business. What are the keywords that define it? Make a list with the first 20 words that come up into your mind. Then draw a line and choose the most meaningful and / or visual words that are relevant to your domain of work. Choose a name that can make your company more memorable to public and avoid using general terms like Inc., Limited, Associated. Don’t forget to add something catchy to it: either directly in its name, or as a future headline.

2. Keep it simple.

The most remarkable names are usually the shortest ones. Apply the “Keep it simple” principle and everything will go just fine for you! Also, don’t choose something too abstract that can be hard to write / pronounce. Your customers need to find you quickly.

3. Check for trademarks.

After deciding upon a name, you need to check if there are similar registered trademarks. Sure, we’d all love to choose names like Apple or Sony, or something slight different, but in a few days one might receive a citation from the legal department of the corporation that he / she inspired from. So don't.

4. Google It!

Google is a business’ best friend, but it can also be a company’s worst enemy: Google connects everything, from company’s presentation website, to clients’ feedback on social networks and forums. Try to see if there are stories that are already connected with your chosen name. If there are positive stories, then these will surely help your brand. If there is a general negative impact, it is better to choose a different name. If you see on Google that you have more than 2 more million search results, then you have a problem. So choose carefully.

5. Test it on 3 friends

A friend in need is a friend in deed. As you’ve counted your whole life on their opinions, it is time once again to ask for their help. Tell them the chosen name and see what they think about it!

6. Buy your domain

If all the previous steps have proven to be successful, it is time to buy your web domain. Use a top-level domain for your URL, so that your company name will be well indexed by search engines. Our recommendation: go for a .com extension!

7. Register your trademark

Make sure that nobody gets their hands first on your name! You’ve had a long ride so far, so it would be a pity to see all your efforts washed away.

8. Define your story

So you have your name, domain and trademark. It’s time to start this business and grow its value by creating the company’s story. Think about what your company’s personality should be, why is it on the market?, who’s your audience (targeted buyers)? Give the answers to all these questions into your “About [insert company name]” section.

9. Design your logo & website

Both your logo and your website should represent your company to their best. These 2 create the visual identity of your company and can be a pleasant way to be remembered by. A company can easily be recognized by its logo, so be careful what you choose!

10. Go loud!

Once you have your website, start spreading the word! Find relevant groups (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, forums and so on) that match your targeted audience and start talking with them about your new company.